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I am a Developer based on Winnipeg

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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my portfolio. I am ambitious and experienced in web and software development with 2+ years of experience.

Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. I have found my interest in computational algorithms and software development. Still exploring new branches and it makes me fascinated!

I have worked on many work and personal projects which may give you a glimpse of my expertise in those fields. In general, you will find most of my projects on GitHub, but there are some work projects that I have done / currently working on which are not permitted to share publicly so I apologize for that. But if you want to know about those projects, you can email and I would love to share my experience with you!

Besides all these, I have an interest in graphics design (see my Design Portfolio) and trying to learn origami.

I love working with projects !! I usually don’t have many things to do whenever I am free. If you need any help on your project or want me to join your project ( If you think I am the best fit for your mind-blowing project! ), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Again thanks for stopping by my portfolio. I appreciate your time! 🙂 

< Technical Skills />

Software Development
Web Development
Data visualisation, Interactive Graphics and Game Development
Object Oriented Programming
Data Structure and Computational Algorithm
UI / UX Design


Jul. 2021 - Present

Government of Manitoba

| Winnipeg, Manitoba

Web Developer

This position is assigned under the finance and Shared Services division (Process Improvement and Technology unit) at the department of CC. My main work area under this unit is to maintain the Intranet (Private network) and Databases.

August 2021 - Present

Web Developer

Science Fundamentals is a registered organization in the Province of Alberta. It aims to enhance elementary science education using interactive demonstrations. The position I am assigned is under the Edmonton branch (Main branch). My responsibilities here are to develop the official website and make user-friendly interfaces (UI/UX). You can find my ongoing or completed projects with SciFUN in here.

May 2021 - May 2022

Website Manager

UMISO is an official student organization recognized by the University of Manitoba. It is responsible for creating opportunities and uniting international students at the University. The responsibilities of a Website Manager is to maintain technical difficulties of the Official Website and Web Database.

Jan. 2021 - Apr. 221

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors are experienced University of Manitoba students who have participated in the training. Mentors provide intercultural, personal and academic support to their mentees during their transition to life at the University of Manitoba.