Jayed Rafi

alt text Hi there!
My name is Jayed Rafi, I am a software engineer - intern based on Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently I am pursuing my bachelors degree in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba also working as a research assistant. I am also an active member of the IEEE community and a contributor to some open-source communities.

I usually work on projects involving various fields. But most common interests are artificial intelligence, automation, data analysis & visualization and natural language processing. Besides this, I love creating graphics and work involves structural design. I've done a few design (ED) courses as electives at the university; which helped me improve my design aspects. My other hobby is trail riding. I've been enjoying this for the last seven years and still exploring new trails every summer.

I enjoy working on projects and solving new problems. And always open to research & project opportunities. Contact me if I am a good fit for your idea. Thanks for stopping by my portfolio!